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The Classroom Door has partnered with the world’s leading college counseling firm, Arete Educational Consulting to help you get into your dream school. 98% of Arete students are admitted to one of their top three colleges and many receive merit scholarships. This program would cost $10,000+ for a similar one-to-one counseling experience. You get the same secrets for less than $1/day and you learn at your own pace.

The Classroom Door provides curated subscription lessons for college applicants. Our college counselors and advisors have compiled a comprehensive guide using Arete Educational Consulting’s proven college counseling method. This covers all aspects of the college admissions process including how to write the perfect college essay, how to build your ideal college list, and how to apply on the Common Application, as well as help with getting into an Ivy League or HBCU, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Standardized Tests (ACT v. the SAT), what college admissions advisors are looking for and much more.

All subscriptions include access to all lessons as well as the College Organizer. The College Organizer keeps all of your college information in one place: essay drafts, notes, due dates, and more to ensure you stay on track. Whether you are applying to a four-year college, a specialized school, or as an athletic recruit, our bespoke College Organizer will keep you on task.

The college admissions process can be confusing, especially with many outlets providing different information. We’ve made it easy for you by compiling transparent, up-to-date guides for every aspect of the college process. Interested in attending an Ivy League or a business undergraduate college? How about a military school? We can direct you to the correct college applications and provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete them. Planning to take a gap year? We can provide tips on how to make the most of your time spent outside of a traditional classroom. The Classroom Door knows what it takes to get into top colleges and universities and we will provide the resources to help you get into your dream school.

For 1-1 customized, real-time lessons, schedule a session with an advisor and have all of your questions answered!

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Choose between a Monthly or Annual Subscription to TCD’s Bespoke Collection of College Counseling Lessons and College Organizer.

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For a $29.99 easy, auto-renewing subscription you will have access to all of TCD’s proprietary college counseling content and the College Organizer.

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The annual subscription gives you unlimited access to all lessons and the College Organizer.