What Is The Classroom Door?

TheClassroomDoor.com (TCD) is a comprehensive global educational platform and tutoring marketplace that provides access to world-class tutors, certified teachers and advisors, as well as proprietary college counseling content. Founded by Nikki Geula, a pioneer in the college consulting and tutoring industry, The Classroom Door’s (TCD) mission is to democratize the elite tutoring and college application process and make expertise available to all regardless of economic status. Leveraging an elite group of over 1,500 vetted, world-class tutors from leading universities including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford, TCD offers expert tutoring and college advising to students starting at $15 an hour.

TCD was established to fill a void for affordable, quality tutoring, transparent college counseling, and customized educational consulting. Geula spent over 25 years operating and building Arete Educational Consulting into one of the world’s premier college advising and tutoring companies.

“The pandemic-caused disruption in education is devastating, and I am committed to mitigating the academic impact on students of all ages and all socio-economic groups,” Geula says. “I established TCD to fill a void for affordable, quality tutoring, transparent college counseling, and customized content and educational consulting. My commitment is to make expertise, typically reserved for just privileged students, available to all. This platform is for ALL students who want quality tutoring and counseling at prices that work for them.” For every 100 hours of tutoring booked, TCD’s scholarship program will provide an hour free to an underserved student.

TCD, an entirely woman-owned company, benefits from both Geula’s leadership, and that of her director of educational content, Dan Scolnic, a Hubble and KICP Fellow at The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at The University of Chicago and a professor of astrophysics at Duke University.

We Believe That…

  • World-class tutoring, teaching, academic support, and admissions expertise should be affordable and accessible to all.
  • Students and educators both benefit from a democratized marketplace.
  • Mobile learning is the present and future of education.
  • E-learning technology should be easy to use.
  • There is a need for a single virtual hub for every step of the academic journey.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We’ve built smart, intuitive technology designed so that students and teachers can collaborate in real-time.
  • We select our tutors, teachers, and advisors from the brightest minds of the nation’s most competitive schools.
  • We offer transparency into the college application process, with over 100 years of combined admissions expertise from Princeton, Harvard, Vassar, Amherst, Georgetown, Columbia, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, and NYU.
  • Our services are comprehensive and support students on every step of their academic journey.
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