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Get Into Your Dream School

Get the 1-on-1 help you need every step of the way with our Expert Advisors

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Ace the College Process

Navigate the confusing college admissions process with ease using our College Admissions Guide

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The World’s Best Tutors At Prices That Fit Any Budget

Choose from over 1500 tutors from the top universities in the world or select from our list of vetted certified teachers starting at $15/hr. Whether you want an “A” in Physics, to ace the SAT, or to get into your dream college, our hand-picked tutors will empower you to reach your academic goals.

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Expert Admissions Advisors

Choose from our collection of certified advisors who are experts in Pre-K through graduate school admissions. Get advice on college and graduate program admissions including business school, law school, medical school, and more.

College Admissions Guide

Access guarded secrets and expert tips necessary to ace the college process! TCD has partnered with Arete, the world’s premier college counseling firm. Each year over 90% of Arete’s students get into one of their top three colleges. Arete’s admissions experts from Columbia, Oxford, NYU, Princeton, Yale & MIT have created this guide to help you get into your dream school for less than $1/day.

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Learn From The Best!

Want to learn a musical instrument? Learn from a Juilliard graduate! Do you want to learn ESL, master the TOEFL or simply learn a new language? Our language teachers are from all over the world! When you book a session with a TCD tutor you can rest easy knowing you are learning from the best in class.

Resources To Help You On Your Journey

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Tips and tricks to get into your top choice school

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Free College Organizer

Stay on track with our free college organizer

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TCD’s Scholarship Program

For every 100 hours of tutoring, TCD provides one free hour of counseling or tutoring to an underserved student.

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Get Matched By An Expert

Do you need help finding the right fit tutor or advisor but feel overwhelmed searching on your own? Reach out to us and we will find you the perfect fit. There’s no extra charge and we will respond within 24 hours.

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